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Our dedicated subgroup for Mothers of children 10yrs and up is a space for mamas to get support with:

  • Discussions and questions about parenting tweens, teens, and young adults
  • Peer-to-Peer support for important transitions: 5th grade to middle school, middle to high school, and high school to college
  • The college process & financial aid
  • Resume building, internships, volunteerism
  • Great learning experiences for tweens and teens
  • Teens in the workplace.Their first jobs!
  • Parenting teens in the digital world
  • Sharing of resources: Tutors, camps, workshops, etc
  • Articles, research, books, movies and other media relevant to the lives of older children and young adults
  • Setting up in person meet-ups to discuss the above issues and for support and camaraderie
  • And more!


Suniya Luthar, psychologist and co-author of a study on "What It Feels Like To Be A Mother: Variations By Children’s Developmental Stages"

"Midlife mothers may have lost this foundation when their "mom friends" disbanded as their children grew older. Finding a cohort like the one that guided them during the early years of parenting can help. Luthar says that it's important to have friends to lean on through this tenuous process because mothers raising tweens still need the same validation they once had when they embarked on their parenting journeys."- NPR "Being Mom To A Middle Schooler Can Be The Toughest Gig Of All"

HRP Mamas is built on a commitment of bringing mothers together for peer-to-peer support and friendship, during all stages of motherhood.

All Lower Manhattan Mothers with tweens, teens and beyond are welcome to join!
If you are not yet an HRP Mamas member, please apply to join HERE.