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HRP Mamas Breastfeeding Support Groups

All HRP Mamas Breastfeeding Support Groups are FREE!

There is never any marketing or advertising of any kind at our meet-ups, support groups, workshops, or speaker events.

HRP Mamas offers a free breastfeeding support group led by experienced Lactation Consultants.

We meet monthly to share breastfeeding experiences, challenges and to share questions. Experienced LC's help guide the discussion and provide free advice and support with common questions. The group meets in a comfortable and convenient venue where mamas may nurse and chat at ease.

Registration information is available to HRP Mamas members on their subgroups by due/birth date.

HRP Mamas Co-Sponsored La Leche League Breastfeeding Support Group

In addition to our monthly support group, HRP Mamas is also proud to co-sponsor a monthly breastfeeding support meeting led by La Leche League Leaders. This meeting takes place the first Friday of each month in a quiet and comfortable location.

We schedule these two groups two weeks apart from each other so that mamas may have two opportunities for in person support each month.

Both The HRP Mamas Breastfeeding Support Group and the HRP Mamas Co-Sponsored LLL breastfeeding support group meetings take place in private, baby-friendly, venues in TriBeCa.