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Please Note - If you are renewing a lapsed subscription: 

If your subscription to the HRP Mamas Online Community has lapsed and you are no longer subscribed to, we will be re-adding you in the next 24-48 hours after renewal. If you prefer immediate access, please email us today at: to be re-subscribed.

If instead, your subscription to  is still in effect - and you have renewed prior to expiration - you don't need to do anything further, other than completing the renewal payment.

Thank you for your support!

HRP Mamas
HomeSatellite Groups

HRP Mamas offers satellite subgroups to our community members who have moved away from Lower Manhattan, or who have second homes elsewhere:

- Uptown Manhattan Subgroup

- Upstate NY Subgroup

- Tri-state Suburbs: NJ, NY, CT

- Hamptons, North Fork & Long Island

- Los Angeles, CA

- Poconos

- San Francisco, CA

- Miami, FL

- London/ UK

If you are a member of our online community and would like to join one of these, please reach out to our membership coordinators.