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HRP Mamas Weekly Mothers Circles & Playgroups
HRP Mamas takes an active role in helping you to meet other moms in person through our subgroups, weekly free mothers circles for moms with infants, playgroups, social events, educational events and more. Our coordinators are there to help all our moms connect and set-up events from the time they are pregnant through middle school.
Our organization started 12 years ago as a small mothers circle and we have made it our mission to keep this grassroots tradition alive. As HRP Mamas grew in to a larger community of moms who are committed to supporting one another, we created sub-groups by due date to replicate that initial intimate circle for years to come.
For mamas with newborns HRP Mamas also provides a series of  weekly FREE pre-organized Mothers Circle gatherings at a local venue. These HRP Mamas informal mothers circles are held in a comfortable and welcoming gathering place where mamas from each of our sub-groups by due date, can meet and connect with one another. Our Mothers Circles are a lovely way for moms to make new friends and to share common experiences with other mamas whose children are going through similar developmental stages.

HRP Mamas also offers educator led guided weekly New Mom Support groups, please see our page dedicated to these support groups for more info.
HRP Mamas sub-groups are the place where mamas connect with other neighborhood mamas, to set up playgroups, private classes, get togethers, brunches, dinners, book groups, stroller walks, running groups, baby & me exercise classes, art gallery walks, and much more.
Mothers circles, playgroups, and meet-ups are wonderful grassroots peer to peer, mom to mom, social events. Our organization facilitates these events by connecting verified local mamas to one another and our coordinators provide the support needed to help organize events in a supportive and completely commercial free environment.

Mamas also use the sub-groups to organize dad led playgroups, caregiver hosted playgroups, weekend family events, and more. Our membership coordinators are always there to provide assistance and help mamas get events together. In addition, mamas use our sub-groups to organize private CPR classes, Baby & Me yoga classes, infant massage classes, and other similar private classes.

PLEASE NOTE: Information regarding specific dates for HRP Mamas Mothers Circles and Playgroups can be found on our sub-group message boards and calendars. All registration for FREE Mothers Circles and Playgroups happens on our sub-groups and is only visible to registered members of the HRP Mamas Community.

HRP Mamas Social Events

HRP Mamas offers select exclusive social events for members of our online community. These may include informal Mama Margarita Nights, Cocktail events, or dinners where our mamas mingle, relax and have some fun, or Family Day events in conjunction with local venues.

Please note: Information about playgroups and private social events is found on our sub-groups and restricted to registered members of our online community. These events are not listed on our public educational event calendar.